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Chirag Patnaik | About Me

I work at the intersection of marketing, communications, technology & politics. My experience over the last 2 decades has spanned media and technology firms including the likes of Times of India, India Today, Indiamart & Samsung among others. I also spent some time working for India’s oldest political party, the Indian National Congress, where I was responsible for operations and technology,

I currently run product and engineering at Prashnam. Prashnam is an insta-survey application that aims to radically reduce the time to gather insights from India’s hinterland. From weeks to mere hours. Prashnam is to quantitative research, what Dropbox is for file syncing or Zoom is for video conferences. Consumer grade user experience for what was hitherto the preserve of the techie.

I’ve marketed diverse categories of products from newspapers, websites, B2B services and software products.

I believe in living on the bleeding edge of technology. I created my first website in 1996, my first blog in 2000. My Linkedin profile dates back to 2006, ditto Twitter and Facebook.

I led data-driven decision making in Indiatimes for their web properties which led to a 40% jump in available inventory and pioneered the introduction of new technologies like Ajax, ran the first usability driven design of all Times group properties. Pioneered mobile websites in 2007, mobile apps in 2009 (at India Today), ran syndication deals globally.

I also ran a startup called 2SD for a while, which bombed miserably.

I love to cook. You can catch some of it on my Instagram account. I dabble in amateur electronics from time to time, soldering gun, and vacuum pump in hand.

My passion is motorcycling, which I haven’t done in ages and I hope to get myself a Triumph Rocket 3r soon.

I’m a specialist in obscure details…